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Our Team

Our team is at the heart of everything we do at Coastal Health & Wellbeing. A small team helps deliver an awful lot to communities in the coastal North and West Norfolk areas. Meet them below!

Lady Dannatt, Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk

 Lady Dannatt, Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk, is the Patron of the Coastal Health & Wellbeing.

As Lord Lieutenant, one of her roles is to champion the work of volunteers for good causes and charities.

Lady Dannatt has been involved with many Norfolk charities including the Mancroft Advice Project, the Matthew Project, Nelson's Journey, Centre 81 for people with disabilities in Great Yarmouth, the Wymondham Dementia Support Group, the assisted living community farm at Thornage Hall, and the You Are Not Alone project providing mental health support to farmers across East Anglia.


We are extremely pleased to have the support of Lady Dannatt.

Lady Dannatt Coastal Health and Wellbeing Wells next the sea Patron.jpg

Our Patron

Board of Trustees

Dr Steve Shaw - Chair of the Board

Tim How - Financial Lead

Rebecca Myers - Trustee

Simon Parkes - Trustee

Clare Collins - Trustee

Dr David Ince - Trustee

Steve Wood - Trustee

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