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Patient and Nurse

Mermaid Dialysis Unit

Norfolk Dialysis at the Mermaid Centre

Part-time holiday treatment close to the seaside in a picturesque setting for visitors staying in North Norfolk.

The unit is named in memory of Helen Geering, a local dialysis patient who was very community minded and an active fundraiser for local causes. She was known for her portrayal as a mermaid in theatre productions, hence the name of the unit.

The Mermaid Dialysis Unit provides dialysis away from base. The ability for a patient to get away and have a holiday has great benefits for the patient and their families. We offer relaxed and personal treatment with a strong focus on individual care. We ensure patients receive the highest quality of care during their stay. Our clinic overlooks unspoilt views of a rolling valley in a peaceful area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
We regret that due to recent changes in Government funding for dialysis (2013) we will not be able to offer local patients full time dialysis, however we can offer periods of treatment in various combinations for up to eight weeks per year, providing they meet the below criteria and it is approved by the mother unit. This is known as 'away from base dialysis' . This applies to any patient in England.

Funding is different for Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland.
This is a Government decision not a local one.
Below is the unit admission criteria, which applies to all dialysis patients that wish to dialyse away from base.
- Must have been on dialysis for over a year.
- Have a fit to travel letter from their consultant
- Have all virology bloods negative within a month of requiring away from base treatment.
- Have all MRSA swabs negative within a month of requiring away from base treatment
- Your mother unit must supply all dialysis medication necessary for treatment (anticoagulation etc)
- You must be independent/mobile (we have no hoist facilities)

We are a stand alone unit and do not have any hospital facilities such as doctors, A+E department, oxygen and hoists.

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Mermaid Dialysis Unit


Tel: 020 7581 3139

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