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Bereavement Support

Talking Elephants

Talking Elephants is a monthly support group for those working their way through loss.

The name of the group comes from the idea that no one finds it easy to talk about bereavement and loss- but everyone needs to do so sooner or later. There is good evidence that people are helped through the difficult journey of bereavement by being listened to and by sharing their experience and learning of ways to cope with others. Not everyone has friends and family or access to people they trust- and many hesitate to burden others who themselves may be affected by loss.

Many people find the idea of joining a group and talking about difficult feelings very strange- so three things to reassure:

  • We always speak with you before attending a group meeting- our volunteers want to get to know you and to understand what you feel you need, we will explain how you can test the group out and see if it is right for you.

  • Your choice- it is completely your decision whether you attend regularly and for how long- there is no contract and no fee!

  • People who attend the group find it useful- it can add to what you can already draw on from others and, also you know that the others in the group will have something in common with you.

The group is based at Coastal Health and Well-being and is supported by volunteers who have past experience of helping people with bereavement.

Why join?

Everyone's losses are different, but they are all hard to bear. We all deserve help when times are hard and, we know people get relief from sharing pain and memories. You don't need to be good with words, strong or clever. We are here to help.

We meet monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 10:30 in The Hive Cafe.

Contact us through the website and one of our volunteers will be in touch.

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